Village Agents

Village Agents

The South Staffordshire Partnership helps to fund and support local Village Agents.
Village Agents are out and about in the heart of our rural communities giving advice, support and help to organisations, to deliver the right services to the people who need them the most.
There are 3 village agents across the 5 localities.
Their main roles include:
    •    helping to set up community groups and get them involved in local community activities
    •    delivering targeted projects and programmes
    •    helping community volunteers to increase their skills and knowledge
    •    building better relations between the local community and bodies such as the council, the police and the health service

  • Identifying possible sources of funding for specific activities
  • Assisting community groups to write and submit bids

All Village agents have the above responsibilities however there are some specific outcomes for each locality:

Locality 1 - Supporting healthy lifestyle options

•     Encouraging people to get involved in exercise classes and family activity groups
•     Working with the health service to deliver targeted health programmes
•     Encouraging people to eat healthier food and promoting local food producers.

Locality 2 - Transport and other general issues

•    Helping to identify people and groups who are isolated because of their rural location
•    Looking at improving transport links

Locality 3 - Community pride

•     Supporting regeneration projects including Featherstone Pride
       and the Caddick Farm improvement programme.
•     Helping to bring the Featherstone Youth Room extension project to fruition.

Localities 4 & 5 - Support for older people

•     Identifying older people living in isolated areas who need extra support.
•     Making older people aware of services available to them