South Staffordshire Rural Transport Partnership

Providing a sustainable transport network for South Staffordshire.


The South Staffordshire Rural Transport Partnership (SSRTP) has been looking at how links between South Staffordshire’s rural villages and links to the neighbouring cities and towns such as Wolverhampton, Dudley, Cannock, Walsall and Stafford can be strengthened.

The Partnership has examined the strengths and weaknesses of taxi services, community transport, public transport, and health and social care transport. It has then funded new projects to test demand. It has also worked to improve the quality of information available, including our new transport web pages.


The newest project developed by the Rural Transport Partnership is the South Staffordshire Connect. A local bookable bus service, which is affordable, flexible and will pick you up from your door!


The Connect is aimed at residents of South Staffordshire that live away from regular bus routes or find it difficult to use a standard bus. Its open to all ages, adults paying a flat fee of £3 per journey (or if you have a concessionary bus pass you can travel for free!) or £1 for young people who have a ‘Your Staffordshire’ card.

For more information on the South Staffordshire Connect please visit the County Council website.



So who is involved in the partnership?

South Staffordshire Council has allocated £200,000 into the partnership and now contributes to the Connect bus service.

Staffordshire County Council already works with private bus and rail companies and spends over £3,000,000  (£500,000 in South Staffordshire) each year on funding vital bus services for communities who would otherwise not have a link to the shops, employment and leisure.


In addition to this the County Coucil are the main funders of the Connect bus service.


South East Staffordshire & Seisdon Peninsula Clinical Commissioning Group is involved because they want local people to have better access to medical services and leisure activities.

The Community Council of Staffordshire is a charitable voluntary organisation which helps to support rural communities and which is keen to see transport links improved for local people.

Liaison will also take place with local taxi companies to see what role they can play to help isolated rural communities to access local services.


The GoodLife website also gives contact details for local village transport (information and bookings).

There is a lot of work to be done to provide a long-term rural transport network, but the South Staffordshire Rural Transport Partnership has already started to make a difference for our villages.