Localism in South Staffordshire


The Localism Act includes some of governments key reforms which are intended to give local councils, communities and individuals more control over the range of services that they receive. The act  sets out new community rights which include:


Community Right to Bid

This Right includes an Asset Register which lists all the assets that have been nominated by a parish council or community organisation which they think are important to the community, as yet no nominations have been received.


The Community Right to Bid then allows parish councils and community organisations to place a bid once a nominated asset comes up for sale, this gives community organisations time to put together a business plan and find the finances to place a bid.  


Community Right to Challenge

Another part of the Act allows parish councils, voluntary and community groups and two or more employees of the relevant authority to challenge to take over the running of a local public service on behalf of the council, this is called the Community Right to Challenge. If an expression of interest is successful this will lead to a procurement exercise for the provision of that service. Expressions of interest can be made from 1st March 2013.


Community Right to Build

This Right gives more power to the community so they have a say on where and when to build homes, shops, facilities and business – it is an alternative to the traditional application for planning permission.


Within the act there is also Neighbourhood Planning which enables local communities to create a neighbourhood plan for their area.


Further information on how the act will work in South Staffordshire is available on the councils website www.sstaffs.gov.uk/localism