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LWT Weekly Reminder

Have you done something positive to help yourself and others this week? if so dont forget to tell us your news by subitting your story on the Good Life Website home page http://southstaffordshire.thegoodlife.uk.net/ we'll collect all the good news and share it (non personalised) to encourage others to get involved.



1) Do you use E-Cigarretes? – Ensure you use the correct charging unit with your E cigarette. Fake or cheap chargers overheat, cause it to explode and have disastrous consequences.

Stopping Smoking

Every year, thousands of people manage to stop smoking. You can do it too.

Stopping smoking is the one single thing you can do to dramatically increase your chances of living a longer life.

Help to stop smoking

You don't have to go it alone. Get free help from your local NHS Stop Smoking Adviser and you'll be four times more likely to successfully stop smoking than by willpower alone. Stop Smoking Service Advisers are based at GP surgeries, pharmacies or local clinics. You choose who you'd like to help you!

You can work with a trained adviser alone or in a group. Your adviser will give you advice about Nicotine Replacement Therapy and other stop smoking aids which are either free or at a much reduced cost.

Find your nearest free NHS stop smoking service| or call 0300 111 8006.


2) Have you checked a smoke alarm this week? Yours? Someone elses?
If you are visiting somebody's home, can you find a way to check that the smoke alarm is working or to remind yourself to do a regular check. If the smoke alarm is high, can you use a broom handle to reach it? Drop us a message using the Good Life home page box to say 'Yes' I've done it! so we can see how many smoke alarms we've collectively tested this week.


3) Notice something suspicious, or concerned for a person who may be at risk of crime: contact your local police officer who will be happy to advise. You can also:

Raise Awareness.

  • Encourage Good Doorstep Technique i.e. ask for ID, door chains
  • Encourage Keeping money and Valuables Safe.
  • Be Vigilant.
  • Contact local Police or nominated neighbour.


4) How much alcohol is too much? Remember to give yourself at least two non-alcohol days in a row each week. 


Alcohol Units are displayed on the back of a bottle or can. Remember it takes one hour for the body to metabolise each unit of alcohol. By adding up the number of units consumed you can calculate the number of hours your body will need to recover before driving or operating any machinery, including household and kitchen appliances.


5) Remember the Five ways to wellbeing - for each of us and those we meet

  • Connect
  • Be active
  • Give/do something for someone else
  • Keep learning
  • Take notice
Evidence shows that the actions we take and the way we think have the biggest impact on our wellbeing
Financial Stability - Some people believe that wealth is a fast track to happiness. Yet various international studies have shown that it is the quality of our personal relationships, not the size of our bank balances, which has the greatest effect on our state of wellbeing.
There is also evidence that good mental wellbeing is important for our physical health, and that it can help us achieve the goals we set for ourselves.
Is Let's work together helping you make a positive impact?
Drop us a message to let us know you have done something positive for yourself or someone else, as a result of Let's work together training - complete the box on the bottom right hand side of the Good Life home page: http://southstaffordshire.thegoodlife.uk.net/