What are Good Life Hubs?


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Good Life Hubs are a development from and an integral part of:

  • The Connect Rural Transport service enabling residents to travel around our community and between village centres.
  • The Good Life Website and call centre service promoting social activities within the community, working alongside Staffordshire Cares and Purple Pages providing information advice and guidance.
  • Let’s work together.
  • Building Resilient Families and communities.


Good Life Hub delivery includes everywhere that people and services interact with each other, for example:

  • focal points such as a libraries, health centres, schools,  churches
  • businesses such as shops and hairdressers
  • with each other, at home, out and about and travelling around the area
  • online and by phone


Where people and the services working with individuals, groups and families can find out about and access:

  • information, advice and guidance when it is needed
  • services and assistance
  • a range of social activities are available for fun and enjoyment, benefiting health and wellbeing