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The Good Life South Staffordshire

South Staffordshire has many assets and facilities that have been built over the years by residents, community champions and organisations who have identified needs and responded to challenges of the area. This has connected and strengthened communities, increasing resilience and self-sufficiency.

National agendas emphasise urgent need for organisations to develop community based projects to solve a variety of operational and delivery issues. However the organisations and individuals working in the area are not necessarily aware of the good work that is already in place in our localities. This is resulting in:

  • Organisations starting from ‘scratch’ rather than building on the good work that has already been done, and not integrating with existing facilities.
  • Projects which are not coordinated, duplicating and overlapping with each other.
  • Confusion and inefficiencies for residents and individuals working on the ground.

The Good Life project promotes the excellent facilities and work already available, providing a brand or ‘platform’ upon which any organisation working with a community ethos in South Staffordshire can:

  • Co-ordinate and integrate with existing facilities and projects in our localities
  • Have a platform upon which to introduce new community projects, reducing duplication and increasing efficiency
  • Ensure that everyone in the community knows how to access help, and that those most in need receive it

The Good Life brand:

  • Ensures that organisations seeking to deliver community based projects have a gateway through which they can interlink into the localities
  • Generates extra momentum through co-ordinated efforts, and increases confidence and buy-in to delivering The Good Life vision
  • Raises the prestige of working within localities, promoting South Staffordshire while ensuring that all organisations are working co-operatively towards the same outcomes
  • Influences spending decisions, by raising the value and demonstrating the benefit of outcomes
  • Facilitates communication out to and back from the community