Previously, Staffordshire County Council and the PCT have had a responsibility to jointly undertake a joint strategic needs assessment (JSNA) of the health and social care needs of Staffordshire. But from April 2013, JSNA’s will be replaced with an enhanced JSNA (E-JSNA) to support the newly formed Health and Well Being Board to make future decisions. The enhanced aspect refers to a greater need to involve more information and people, in order to provide a more complete understanding of a local area.

The 8 Districts in Staffordshire are responsibility for pulling together an E-JSNA and the South Staffordshire E-JSNA has pulled together our existing evidence base to look beyond the deficits of the localities and start to look at the assets each locality has. We have created a factsheet for the district and then one for each locality, which provides information on the key messages for each locality, customer insight information, consultation messages, and assets. Behind each fact sheet sits a whole range of evidence from locality data profiles to resident panel results.

Enhanced Joint Strategic Needs Assessment