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South Staffordshire Commissioning Prospectus

Welcome to the South Staffordshire Commissioning Prospectus 2016/2017: A Partnership approach to improving health and wellbeing outcomes.

We have again  been able to bring together investment from a range of partner organisations to enable joined up locality based commissioning of outcomes to support the improvement of the health and wellbeing of the population of South Staffordshire.

The Prospectus is aimed at strengthening community resilience and assets through funding support which promotes good health and wellbeing and helps prevent situations from getting worse for children, families and adults where there are particular needs. This overall prevention role is vital in managing demand for longer-term support and more expensive services, in turn helping to keep the local health and social care economy sustainable.

We are looking for innovative and evidence based proposals for investments to deliver measurable achievements in the key outcomes detailed within this Prospectus. Projects will need to aim to identify future replicable or sustainable service models that build social value. Social value is about maximising the impact of public expenditure, considering more than just financial transaction, but including aspects of happiness, wellbeing, health, inclusion and empowerment.

The outcomes included in the 2016-2017 Prospectus are drawn from priorities identified by local insight and partnerships, combined with input from a range of stakeholders including voluntary organisations and third sector businesses.

The prospectus for 2016 /2017 will  carried out through a three staged application process and will be split into 5 lots. One lot will be allocated for each locality in South Staffordshire as shown on the back page of the prospectus.  Please identify within the Expression of Interest form the localities your project will be delivered in.

This years prospectus is now closed. Please check the website for future Commissioning rounds.

The Commissioning Prospectus Applications (PDF) which have been sucsessful and awarded funding for 2016/17 can be viewed here. (For the Word version please click here)