About the partnership

Together we're making a difference!

The South Staffordshire Strategic Partnership is an umbrella partnership that brings together key local agencies from the public, private, voluntary and community sectors.

The structure of the partnership now involves three areas:

An Executive Board meets twice a year to agree priorities for the partnership, and there are a range of delivery groups which meet to discuss Economic Vibrancy, Housing and Lifelong Learning.

The Community Safety Partnership also performs an integral independent role in the South Staffordshire Partnership. 

Our vision
We will strive to make South Staffordshire a safe and healthy place to live, with prosperous villages and thriving communities, where everyone can develop their abilities to the full and pass on to future generations a better environment.

Our Purpose
The purpose of South Staffordshire Partnership is to:

  • Be the ‘partnership of partnerships’ within South Staffordshire providing strategic
 co-ordination and linking other plans and bodies at local, sub regional and regional levels
  • Prepare and implement a Community Strategy that provides a long term framework for
 action to benefit all the people of South Staffordshire
  • Work with Staffordshire County Council and other key partners to develop and deliver and the outcomes

Our Core Values:

  • Sustainability - we are looking at the long-term implications of current activities while taking into account the wellbeing of future generations as well as the current generation of residents
  • Engagement – we will actively involve the residents of South Staffordshire in both the development and implementation of the Community Strategy
  • Equality – we will provide services that are accessible and appropriate to the needs of all irrespective of disability, gender, racial or ethnic background, religion or culture
  • Diversity – we believe that everyone in South Staffordshire deserves to receive excellent services that reflect their individual needs and circumstances

We welcome any comments or feedback you may have, these can be forwarded to us at lsp-enquiries@sstaffs.gov.uk